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Be able to access the certification of companies you deal with. Matching Services with Trusted Traders can be provided

Part of the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme

Brexit.Trade is a B2B Marketplace connecting UK Buyers and Sellers, with companies in countries that the UK has a Post Brexit Trade deal with. After concluding a transaction at Brexit.Trade, the Digital Trade Features at Local Trade Gateways that are part of the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme, to access a local infrastructure to execute agreed Transactions, in a faster and more secure manner. There are over 250 Local Digital Trade Gateways within the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme. Examples include those below:




Cambodian.Trade    GreaterTokyo.Trade    Hong-Kong.Trade    Nashville.Trade                      New-Delhi.Trade    Perth.Trade    PortOfSpain.Trade    South-Africa.Trade    SouthCarolina.Trade    SouthKorea.Trade    Saudia-Arabia.Trade  Tel-Aviv.Trade


Brexit.Trade is operated by Local Merchant Services (LMS), who are co-operating with different partners in the provision of Trade Services to the individual Digital Trade Gateways featured in the Programme, which enables Cargo Release Facilitation, and Trade Finance Facilitation.

More details on those features provided for Individual Trade Gateways below.

Cargo Release Facilitation: To assist customers to eliminate manual processes and remove any need for physical exchanges of paper documentation. This can lead to a reduction in the overall process time of over 98%.

Facilitating Trade Finance Provision for Domestic and International Trade

Brexit.Trade provides tools to digitize the trade finance cycle with increased security and efficiency, making Trade Finance more available. It can enable decreased processing times, lower capital requirements and reduce risks of fraud, human error and counterparty risk. Alternative sources of Trade Finance can help in supporting SMEs.

Centralized Transactions and Integrated Local Execution

Brexit.Trade is a Trade Gateway that also features a B2B Marketplace for Centralized Transactions between UK Companies and companies in countries with whom the UK has a trade deal and vice versa. Transactions are Agreed Centrally but Executed Locally in co-operation with a Logistics Partner via A Local Trade Gateway that is part of the TRADE GATEWAYS Regional Network of Local Trade Sites

To this regard, LMS is partnering with a Local Logistics Group in the operation of the Trade Gateways. This group has offices all over the world and an international network of freight shipping companies, partners and agents. Individual Regional Trade Gateways are being linked to the relevant Office.

LMS is providing the requisite Trade Digitization infrastructure to include tools for parties in the supply chain to issue trade documents, for those documents to be signed and verified online and for anyone to check the validity of a digital trade document.


Online Video Conferencing use is very important in connecting organizations in countries with whom the UK has a Post Brexit Trade Agreement, and vice versa.

UK Organizations will be able to connect to organizations in countries with whom the UK has a Post Brexit Trade Agreement, and vice versa. Organizations will be able to connect to UK organizations across Brexit.Trade, in sessions that are organized by a major UK Trade Organization, who can deliver a highly specified audience of decision makers and potential partners, and who would manage the following:

  • Promotion of the event
  • Recruitment of the specified delegates
  • Securing a senior Representative to chair the event
  • Delegate follow up